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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Cat Toys

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Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Looking for a gift for the cat lover or cat in your life?

Make Your Own Cat Toys is the gift that keeps on giving all year round. This fun, witty and light-hearted book is a great present for cat lovers and cats of all ages. It features 52 eco-friendly cat toy ideas that are fast, fun and easy to make. That's like giving a new gift to your cat for each week of the year!

A Great Gift for Kittens

Kittens love to play. Rather than waste money buying toys they'll soon tire of, imagine if you could give an endless supply of cat toys.

An Amazing Present for Older Cats

The book features a "Lazy Cat" category for older cats who have a relaxed attitude towards playing. And, a gift of a new cat toy may just awaken the inner kitten in your cat.

New Cat Owners Will Love This Gift!

There's great advice for playing with your cat and green tips to make your cat's life more eco-friendly. You can get regular cat supplies from any company like ABC Distributing or PetSmart, but this gift is a unique, special, idea that can't be found anywhere else.

A Suitable Gift for Cat Lovers - Both Adults and Kids

The toys are fun and simple, making them ideal for both busy adults and bored kids looking for something to do. The book is a page turner - it's beautifully illustrated, cleverly written and the instruction are clear and easy to follow.

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Don't just take our word that this is a great gift for cat lovers!

Read what other cat loving gift givers and gift receivers had to say:

"The recipient was extremely happy! It's a really great book for cat lovers." - KV

"I purchased a number of these books as gifts for family and friends over the holidays. The books were very well received!" - MM

"Originally bought this book as a gift for my daughter to keep her busy on rainy days. Have now had this book 2 weeks and it's so good I'm yet to hand it over!" - FT

"Thanks so much for the book! It was a really unexpected surprise. I'm even thinking to order some copies for future birthday presents." - AA

Gift for Cat Lovers